SCALABISCUP 2022: mission accomplished

It was a hot week in Santarém, Portugal, but not even the heat wave could stop all the gymnasts that landed at SCALABISCUP.

All the competition can be rewatched on YouTube and all the results can be found here.

SCALABISCUP 2022 was a huge success and couldn’t be more happy to announce that next year we will also host Santarém World Cup! This wouldn’t be possible without the trust of each one of you (gymnasts, coaches, entourages, judges, partners and volunteers), that made us grow along these years!

A special thank you to Eurotramp, Câmara Municipal de Santarém, Viver Santarém, Associação de Ginástica de Santarém, and Federação de Ginástica de Portugal for helping us bring to life another edition of SCALABISCUP.

See you all in 2023, for SCALABISCUP and Santarém World Cup!


Gimno Clube de Santarém
FIG International Federation of Gymnastics
Federação de Ginástica de Portugal
Associação de Ginástica de Santarém
Municipio de Santarém
Viver Santarém