SCALABISCUP 2019 is over and it was a success!

Thank you all! SCALABISCUP 2019 is over and it was insane! More than 660 gymnasts from 23 countries jumped at SCALABISCUP, at this that was the most multicultural edition ever.

The competition was on fire, the gymnasts performed incredible routines and we proudly deliver 84 individual medals, this year with the help of Rüdiger Mosel from Eurotramp. You can check all the competition results here.

SCALABISCUP 2019 was a huge success and couldn’t be more happy with all the feedback that we received from all the gymnasts, coaches, comitives and families.

We want to say thank you to Eurotramp, Câmara Municipal de Santarém, Viver Santarém, Associação de Ginástica de Santarém, Turismo do Ribatejo e Alentejo and Federação de Ginástica de Portugal for helping us bring to life another amazing edition of SCALABISCUP.

See you all next year, in July 2020!

Gimno Clube de Santarém
FIG International Federation of Gymnastics
Federação de Ginástica de Portugal
Associação de Ginástica de Santarém
Municipio de Santarém
Viver Santarém