Santarém World Cup is over! Here’s the summary

Around 180 gymnasts from 25 countries have landed in Santarém for the FIG Santarém World Cup 2023. This was the first time that the city of Santarém hosted a Trampoline World Cup.

Some of the best worldwide gymnasts like the Olympic champion Zhu Xueing (CHN), Camilla Gomes (BRA), Hu Yicheng (CHN), Nicole Ahsinger (USA), Sarah Webster (USA), Anano Apakidze (GEO), Mariam Ragimovi (GEO), Yan Langyu (CHN), Wang Zisei (CHN), Dylan Schmidt (NZL), Nagata Shinya (JPN), Mita Yasufumi (JPN), Anton Davydenko (UKR), Mykola Prostorov (UKR), Cody Gesuelli (USA) and Isaac Rowley (USA) were the medallists in Trampoline.

On Tumbling, all the attentions went to Candy Briere-Vetillard (FRA) and Mikhail Malkin (AZE). Ethan McGuinness (AUS), Vasco Peso (POR) got the silver and bronze medal, respectively, while Daryna Koziarska (UKR) and Louise van Regenmortel (BEL) did the same at the women’s podium.

On Double Mini-trampoline, Santiago Ferrari (ARG) won the men’s DMT title, followed by Gavin Dodd (CAN) and Brent Deklerck (BEL). In the women’s DMT podium were Gabriella Flynn (CAN), Braida Thomas (AUS) and Cheyanna Robinson (AUS).

You can check all the results here.

Now it’s time for SCALABISCUP…

With a one day break, we’re already welcoming teams from all over the world for another edition of SCALABISCUP. Some of the same competitors of the World Cup will be staying in Santarém for a few more days to compete in this International Competition.


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