Merry Christmas! See you at SCALABISCUP 2021…

The year that is about to finish was an amazing challenge for everyone, everywhere. It defied everyone to reinvent itself, to find ways to do basic things that we use to consider as basics in the gymnastics world, as simply as go to the gym. To train, during part of the year was totally out of sight for many, and even now is quite difficult in some countries, with a lot of restrictions.

SCALABISCUP wasn’t away from that and was postponed. We could not meet you, cheer your conquers, hug each other’s, cry or laugh together, share moments and memories, live the moment, remembering the past and creating amazing memories to the future.

In 2021 we will be back, for sure! We can’t wait anymore to compete again and to welcome you back in Santarém.

From 5th to 11th of July (competition from 8th to 11th of July) SCALABISCUP we’ll be back! All the trampoline roads will lead to Santarém, Portugal! Determined and stronger!

Stay tuned. In the very beginning of January we will unveil everything for you! Follow our social media to be the first to get the news! Let’s make 2021 “the” year! Until then, please stay safe!

Have an amazing Christmas! Happier days are about to come, so we would like to wish you all a fantastic, spectacular, powerful, full of conquers, 2021! We will help you to make it the opposite of the one that is about to end, finally!

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

See you very soon!