SCALABISCUP 21: Hosting a competition during a pandemic

After one year without SCALABISCUP, the 2021 edition was made of challenges and difficulties, but also an edition that we’ll never forget.

Despite all the constraints, SCALABISCUP was held successfully, with the cooperation of everyone envolved: gymnasts, coaches, entourages, volunteers, partners and institutional partners. Taking into account all the difficulties and adversities imposed by the pandemic, we managed to successfully and safely host the event for 478 gymnasts.

As a result of the monitoring and advice of the Regional Health Department, a series of conditions were imposed on the implementation of the event, to ensure the safety of all the participants. For example, all participants had to have a negative COVID-19 test, the use of face mask was mandatory (except while performing the routines), a circulation path was designed to avoid gatherings, etc.

The organization committee went further with the implementation of the norms, for example, with mandatory testing of everyone involved in the event (organization committee and volunteers), as well as the acquisition of several equipment and products to provide additional security, leading to the end of the event without any associated COVID-19 case.

What about the competition?

After 2020’s edition cancelation, the gymnastics community had long been asking for the SCALABISCUP’s 2021 edition, as it’s always a milestone in the international calendar and this year would have an increased symbology with the return to major international competitions.

Despite the difficulties of the vast majority of gymnasts in training properly, a high technical performance was presented, with very few failures for the number of routines performed. While this may come as a surprise, on the other hand, it demonstrated the level of determination and perseverance of the participants, as well as the commitment of technical teams and clubs in minimizing the side effects of the pandemic in the development of the sport.

At a time of general difficulty, SCALABISCUP also made possible the extraordinary boost in the city’s economy, increasing occupancy rates in hotels and restaurants for almost a week.

Now we are ready for 2022 and we’re already working on the 10th edition of SCALABISCUP! The best and the biggest sports event in the city will be back from 7th to 9th of July 2022. Let’s go!

SCALABISCUP had the institutional support of Câmara Municipal de Santarém, Viver Santarém, the Federação de Ginástica de Portugal and the Associação de Ginástica de Santarém, and the amazing support of Eurotramp, without which everything would be much more difficult. Thank you!

Gimno Clube de Santarém
FIG International Federation of Gymnastics
Federação de Ginástica de Portugal
Associação de Ginástica de Santarém
Municipio de Santarém
Viver Santarém