Since 2012, SCALABISCUP has been growing and has been stating its place as an international benchmark trampoline competition.

Over the years, SCALABISCUP has been welcoming gymnasts from all over the world, including Olympic gymnasts.


Gymnasts (2019)


Countries (2019)


Delegations (2019)

On the TOP 10 for Sport Events Facebook pages in Portugal

SCALABISCUP has been improving its own communication on social media channels.

We always want to reach more people and get people excited with or competition. On facebook, we are between the Top 10 Sport Events in Portugal (source: Social Bakers). On Instagram, we accomplished an annual growth of 193%.

Over 18000 views on SCALABISCUP 2017 live stream

For the last editions, SCALABISCUP has been live streaming the whole competition.

In 2017, people from 47 different countries watched our live stream. More than half of the views were made from foreign countries.