Bringing SCALABISCUP to life

SCALABISCUP is indeed one of the most well-known trampoline competition all over the globe but we bet you’ll be surprised to see how everything gets done… So, take a sneak peek!

Our team is fully made of volunteers: gymnasts, family, and friends of Gimno Clube de Santarém. Everything started with the dream of having the best gymnasts in the world jumping in Santarém… And we can already say that we did it. So, take a look at all the work involved to bring SCALABISCUP to life.

Let’s jump months of preparation,

brainstorming ideas on our free times after work, taking care of hundreds of registrations and bookings, negotiating with suppliers, creating content for our social media and so on. After all this months of work, June is the month when everything starts to come to life.

As you may noticed, our venue is used for multiple sports such as indoor soccer, handball, basketball and roller hockey so, on the weekend before SCALABISCUP, it’s time for an extreme makeover. For all this equipment, 4 TIR trucks are required to make sure everything arrives here safely. This year we started by set up all the 6 Eurotramp Ultimate trampolines at the warm up hall, such as the double-mini trampoline and all the mattresses. Everyone helps doing what needs to be done: assembling trampolines or cleaning the apparatus.

At the same time, other type of work is getting done. There’s hundreds of accreditations that need to be organized, as well as meal tickets.

Later on, it’s time to start assembling the competition hall…

And there’s a lot of work to get done here: assemble the tumbling track, put the carpets throughout the floor, setup the four competition trampolines and the DMT, connect hundreds of cables and cameras, set up the screen…

Fun fact: Did you know that this year we used more than 100 mattresses?

The top class and brand new apparatus is something that distinguishes us. So, it’s time to assemble the brand new Eurotamp Ultimate equipment. At this point, is also time to assembled the HDTS Trampoline Measurement System, a recent technology that measures the time of flight and the horizontal displacement.

Of course, we cannot forget the main wall. This year, we had the biggest number of flags ever. 23 to be precise. Did you know that the flags should be hanged in alphabetic order, starting with the host country?

And then, time flies! The competition starts and everyone gives his best to make each SCALABISCUP edition the best one. Our amazing team is everywhere… Driving the line-up, taking pictures, updating our social media, dressing the mascot, delivering the trophies at the award ceremonies, preparing sandwiches and burgers or even starting a party in the warm up all!

When the lights go down, the mission is accomplished! … And our heads start focusing on the next SCALABISCUP. Yes, we’re already preparing SCALABISCUP 2020 and we can’t wait to tell you all the news that are coming. Stay tuned and we hope to see you all from 9th to 11th of July 2020, in Santarém, Portugal.

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